Delivery Policy

Roy's on Melville Online Delivery Policy

Roy's on Melville Online provides a service for its clients to offer their customers the ability to order products online. Although the service, the website and the services used are hosted by Roy's on Melville Online, the delivery policy of each individual retailer is different.

There are two options for purchasing products through Roy's on Melville Online; Delivery and Pickup. If you choose for your order to be picked up, then there will be no delivery and you are responsible for collecting your order. If you choose delivery, then the retailer should deliver your product within the estimated delivery waiting time. This delivery waiting time changes throughout the day depending on how busy the retailer is, traffic conditions etc. There is no guarantee made by Roy's on Melville Online that your order will be delivered within this time frame. The delivery waiting time is to be used as a guide and it must be understood that unforeseen circumstances may result in your order taking longer than expected to be delivered.

If your order is not delivered within a satisfactory time, then you are to call the retailer with whom you placed the order to notify them of your concern. Each retailer's phone number can be found within the website.

If your order is picked up or delivered to an unsatisfactory quality, then you must bring those concerns to the retailer with whom you purchased the products from and they will deal with the matter according to their specific policies.